The choke by Sofie Laguna

Amy the ChokeSofie Laguna is very good at writing about children who are very badly let down by their families, schools and society. The Choke is the story of Justine; abandoned by her mother, she lives with her Pop, who has his own demons, and is occasionally visited by her criminal father. Justine quietly tries to make sense of a confusing, and hurtful world, finding solace in nature. The book starts slowly, but then captured my heart. It’s dark, disturbing and very sad, but not without beautiful moments of love, kindness, and hope.

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Nutshell by Ian McEwan

Amy NutshellI can see why some people have not enjoyed Nutshell. The idea of an eight month old foetus narrating from the womb, having learned about the world from podcasts and conversations, is definitely ludicrous. It’s clever, though, and while the other characters are less than likeable, I found it totally compelling. It’s about the state of our world, love, lust, and hope.

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New review team members

We welcome three new members onto the rrlreads review team who will contribute reviews over the next 6 months.

Book reviewers 2017 Jul-Dec

Ariba : My best books are from “Pug Series” but I enjoy adventurous books too. In my free time I love to watch movies.

Kate : My love is non-fiction, especially memoirs narrated by the author (Magda Szubanski and Moby narrate their memoirs just as brilliantly as Luisa). With a seven year old (who especially LOVES books) I can do children’s picture books and I myself have been getting into a lot of young adult fiction while wondering what I had to read when a young adult myself!

Renee : I read widely but the majority of the books are commercial fiction. I tend to use the Borrowbox app for audiobooks and some ebooks more than reading paperbacks. I also review the middle-grade fiction books I read to my kids as bedtime stories.

We look forward to reading their reviews!



Additions to the Review Team for 2017

We welcome onto the review team three people who will be contributing reviews over the next six months.

Our reviewers are:

Caitlin: I like reading contemporary novels, craft books, cook books, young adult fiction and as a mum of two small children I read a lot of picture books too!

Bethany : I love to download eAudiobooks to listen to as I go to sleep. I love funny and magical books.

Flynn: I like reading books that are funny and scary like the ones that are written by Roald Dahl. I also like reading books that have adventures like Geronimo Stilton books and sometimes l like reading my picture books because I love books that have rhymes and pictures like The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland. Reading is good at night because it helps me go to sleep.