The cutting season by Attica Locke

amy-the-cutting-seasonCaren Gray’s family has been on the Belle Vie plantation for years; first as slaves, and then as workers. One morning Caren finds a woman dead, and it turns into a current and historical mystery. I didn’t find the characters, the setting, or even the mystery all that engaging, though the resolution was good. I suspect it is a good crime novel, and that I’m just not that into them.

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Doctor Thorne

amy-dr-thorneBased on an Anthony Trollope novel, adapted by Downton Abbey’s creator Julian Fellowes, Dr Thorne is a bright, sweet, romantic period drama. The scenery and costumes are beautiful, the happiest of endings is never in doubt and it is a lovely experience all round.

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At the water’s edge by Sara Gruen

cynthia-at-the-waters-edgeThis story was not as I expected, I thought it was going to be a war story – but the war does not play a huge role in the story which was a disappointment as I do love a good war story. What I did enjoy about the story was the change in Maddie over the course of the story, she became so much more than a socialite, going from party to party and only thinking of herself. This made the story worth reading.

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Charlie and the war against the grannies by Alan Brough


What do you do when a Grandma fires rooster brand chilli sauce at your face? You go to war.

Charlie wants a paper round. He has a number of very good reasons to get a paper round, among them being he will get to ride his bike more. What does he need to do to get his paper round? He need to go to war, he just doesn’t realise it yet.

Charlie and his best friend Hils star in this unusual and often eccentric tale about what it is like to go to war against one of the most beloved groups in the community – people’s Grandmas.

Interspersed with fun facts and very cheeky dialogue, this book has great appeal. Want to know how to say ‘fart’ in ten different languages? Read this book! Want to know what a secret language would sound like using only things you find in a public restroom? Read this book!

Will Charlie win the war? Will he get his much-wanted paper round? Read this book!
Alan Brough is probably best known for his TV role on ABCs Spicks and Specks, this is his first book, and a very good one it is too.

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The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel


What a wonderful read this hidden little treasure of a book is.  Not only does this detail the strength of these women, it documents how smart they were despite the times determining their destiny to a large degree.  They were conditioned to support their men in their space quests and largely take a back seat to their accomplishments and fame, however, this book really individualises these amazing women, their daily lives, and how they coped with the stress, loss, danger and least of all the unrelenting press of the day!  It was difficult to have a favourite; they were all amazing and admirable women in their own right. 

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Sorcerer to the crown by Zen Cho

amy-sorcerer-to-the-crownSorcerer to the Crown is a lush, vibrant, imaginative and thoroughly delightful tale. Zacharias Wythe is the Sorcerer Royal in Regency London. As a freed, African slave, he is not well liked and has much to worry him when he meets Prunella Gentleman, who, full of magical ability when it was suppressed in women, turns his, and everyone else’s, world inside out. Engaging characters, a clever plot and just the right amount of humour and romance, I really loved this book.

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