Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye

Amy Jane SteeleI have resisted this book for some time. Jane Eyre is my absolute favourite, and I am not at all keen on it being messed with. In the end, I read enough positive reviews from lovers of the original that I tentatively picked it up. Actually, it’s a lot of fun. Reader, I murdered him. Jane Steele loves Jane Eyre, and while her life has many similarities, and the book is set not long after Jane Eyre, the story is full of twists and turns, and is not a retelling. The language was sometimes a little odd, and it was a bit modern in places, but it is fun and romantic in spirit, and I did enjoy it.

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Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

Caitlin Flora and Ulysses

Flora and Ulysses is a book with a capacious heart and a flying squirrel.

Flora Belle Buckman is a natural-born cynic, lover of comics – especially ones that provide practical advice, with titles like ‘Terrible Things Can Happen To You!’.

Told with a sense of humor, this story about a serious kid who finds adventure in the most unlikely way will make you chuckle, and maybe even cry a little bit. But by the end of the story you’ll be glad you were a passenger on the ride. Continue reading

My Italian bulldozer by Alexander McCall Smith

Cynthia My Italian bulldozerThis was a little slice of Italy. When food writer Paul arrives in Italy to finish his book and finds his car rental booking nonexistent, he finds himself hiring a bulldozer instead. It is the characters that Paul meets that make this story, more than the fact that he is driving around Italy on a bulldozer. They are quirky and interesting and make for a story that is a little off centre but enjoyable.

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Charlie and the war against the grannies by Alan Brough


What do you do when a Grandma fires rooster brand chilli sauce at your face? You go to war.

Charlie wants a paper round. He has a number of very good reasons to get a paper round, among them being he will get to ride his bike more. What does he need to do to get his paper round? He need to go to war, he just doesn’t realise it yet.

Charlie and his best friend Hils star in this unusual and often eccentric tale about what it is like to go to war against one of the most beloved groups in the community – people’s Grandmas.

Interspersed with fun facts and very cheeky dialogue, this book has great appeal. Want to know how to say ‘fart’ in ten different languages? Read this book! Want to know what a secret language would sound like using only things you find in a public restroom? Read this book!

Will Charlie win the war? Will he get his much-wanted paper round? Read this book!
Alan Brough is probably best known for his TV role on ABCs Spicks and Specks, this is his first book, and a very good one it is too.

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The 65-storey treehouse by Andy Griffths

bethany-65-storey-tree-houseThe 65-storey Treehouse is about a fun filled treehouse with 65 storeys! Andy and Terry (the main characters) don’t have a building permit for their treehouse. An inspector comes along and says it has to be demolished, so Andy and Terry (along with the inspector) go back 6 ½ years to get the permit to save the treehouse. I enjoyed this eAudiobook a LOT. Mostly because the funny narrator, Stig Wemyss was reading it. Stig is extremely funny and so are the sound effects.

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I funny by James Patterson

I funny by James PattersonJames Patterson’s books can do no wrong !  Jamie Grimm does not have a lot to laugh about but he enjoys helping others to smile, helping to sooth the pain of his own problems. Illustrated in comic style by Chris Grabenstein there are a lot of kids… and adults!… who will benefit from reading this book. My favourite sentence which draws the whole story together? “When the world says ‘Give up,’ hope whispers ‘try it one more time.’” This book has a question in a Kid’s Lit Quiz which is an international book trivia competition for school kids.

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Natural born Keller by Amanda Keller

Robyn - Amanda Keller

With a title like that, you know it’s going to be a good read – and it was!
From the 2nd page on, Amanda had me chuckling my head off, with her dry wit and wonderful sense of humour (though she doesn’t realise the comedic talent she has – that’s always the way)
If you want a book to put you in a good mood, can highly recommend you read this one. Go to the RRL website and grab it on Bolinda eBook (had to wait a few months – keeps getting reserved. Amanda’s a very popular girl)

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The well at the World’s End

well at the world's endToo, too much fun! What a wonderful, surprising, funny, frustrating, whimsical, scary and utterly delightful trip I have been on. Sandy read it to me himself, and I highly recommend the audio version though it takes much longer than reading it yourself. Sandy left his teaching job in Adelaide to head to Iona, starting from New Zealand, by water or over land – no flying allowed. Such kind people he met, such terrible scrapes he got into, such beauty he experienced. Sandy is a highly skilled storyteller, his enthusiasm for life is catching and I am sad there are no more of his books to read.

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