Captive by Tony Park

Amy CaptiveCaptive is all action with a cause. Set in South African national parks, and Mozambique, it follows Aussie lawyer, Kerry, as she comes to volunteer at a wildlife orphanage. No time to settle in, as violent action ensues, as the good guys fight the war on poaching, where the enemy is not always as expected. Captive is fast paced, with lots of African scenery and wildlife, an international cast of characters but a deeply Australian, even ocker, flavour. Lots of fun.

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The memory of love by Aminatta Forna

Amy The Memory of loveSet in Freetown, Sierra Leone, from the late sixties until the early two thousands, this book is about the effects of war, and desire and betrayal. A slow, powerful, novel, that explores one man’s obsession with another’s wife, and what acts it drive him to, years ago, and an English psychologist’s attempts to help after Sierra Leone’s civil war.

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Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

amy-homegoingHomegoing begins as the story of two sisters from Africa’s Gold Coast. One marries a white slave trader and the other is sold into slavery. It becomes the story of each generation that follows, in America and in Africa; the impact of the past and hope for the future. We experience much of the history of each place through the stories of each generation, which is fascinating, at times heartbreaking, and ultimately beautiful.

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