Brilliance of the moon by Lian Hearn

Amy Brilliance of the MoonThe third out of five tales set in an evocatively conjured country based on feudal Japan, Brilliance of the Moon continues to follow Takeo and Kaede as they deal with the consequences of their actions. The setting as always is lush, full of colour and beauty, the characters are compelling and the story is full of action, contemplation, loyalty, betrayal and the search for one’s destiny.

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Across the nightingale floor by Lian Hearn

Amy Across the Nightingale FloorAcross the Nightingale Floor is set in an imagined time and place, based on feudal Japan. A young man is rescued, after his family is killed, by a man who adopts him. He discovers he has unusual skills that are highly prized, and bring him a great deal of danger and adventure. The setting is lush and luminous, the characters are compelling and it is a great story of loyalty, treachery, love, loss and honour.

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Grass for his pillow by Lian Hearn

Amy Grass for his PillowThe sort-of-Japanese setting is lush, evocative and almost the best thing about this series. Continuing on from the first book, Takeo is a young man, forced into a life he hates, and Kaede a young woman trying to overcome her misfortunes, and learn to command respect like a man. They both have a difficult journey ahead, made harder by their youthful impetuousness. I found the relationships a little too much in this book, but I am still keen for the rest of the series.

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