Ghosts of the past by Tony Park

Amy Ghosts of the PastAnother great African/Australian adventure from Tony Park, this time with an historical element. An Australian man is approached by a South African journalist about one of his ancestor’s time in South Africa, and German South West Africa, now Namibia, around the time of the Anglo-Boer War. He becomes involved in a dangerous mystery, and both the modern and historical storylines are full of action, intrigue, historical detail, and romance. Fast paced, with twists and turns, and a lot of fun.

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Solo by William Boyd

Amy SoloIt’s 1969 and James Bond is sent to a fictional, but clearly based on Nigeria/Biafra, country in Africa, to finish a war. Things do not go according to plan, and Bond decides to take matters into his own hands. There is a lot of smart dressing, a couple of beautiful women, disfigured villains, twists and double twists, and much derring-do, as is to be expected. There is a bit more depth to Bond, than in the films, and it is just as much fun.

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The good life by Martina Cole

cynthia-the-good-life.jpgCain is on top of The Game, what will he do to keep there? The characters in this story were full of contradictions. A loving kind man could slowly cut off anothers fingers and toes, a kind gentle woman could fling into a rage, it was alright to kill someone with a family but not if it was your family. Told in short chapters that moved the story along, it was interesting to see inside a criminal gang – is all the power and money worth it?

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The Wolverine

Amy WolverineI love the X-Men movies, but fell behind with watching them, so am catching up now. Struggling to deal with the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, Wolverine is enticed to Japan where he encounters much fighting, a little romance and some great scenery. I think the Wolverine films aren’t as much fun as the X-Men films, and this one is less emotionally affecting than Logan, the final Wolverine film, but it was still enjoyable.

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Cynthia LoganThis was a fitting end for Hugh Jackman as he plays Logan for the final time. The movie is unlike the previous X-men movies, gritty and sparse. We see an aged Logan just surviving at life. Mutants are almost non-existent. But of course Logan has one more fight left in him – and fight he does. I enjoyed this movie; squeamish at a child being a killing machine, hope for another generation of mutants and tears for Logan.

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The revelation code

The Revalation Code - Cynthia

I am always a little bit sad when the next book in a favourite series disappoints. I have enjoyed the thrills and runaway action of this series featuring Nina and Eddie. The latest offering in this series still had these trademark elements but I did not enjoy it as much as previous books. I think it was because Nina was pregnant – and it was a major part of the plot, being mentioned very often. It was too big of an obstacle for me, as I read Nina being flung around and facing bullets. It will be interesting to see how Andy McDermott will continue this series with Eddie and Nina being parents.

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