Lyrebird by Ceclia Ahern

cynthia lyrebirdI have to admit to skipping a few chapters of this book so that I could finish. The premise of the story was great, but the characters let me down – they lacked warmth. The story did get better towards the middle and end.


The good life by Martina Cole

cynthia-the-good-life.jpgCain is on top of The Game, what will he do to keep there? The characters in this story were full of contradictions. A loving kind man could slowly cut off anothers fingers and toes, a kind gentle woman could fling into a rage, it was alright to kill someone with a family but not if it was your family. Told in short chapters that moved the story along, it was interesting to see inside a criminal gang – is all the power and money worth it?

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Eagle & Crane by Suzanne Rindell

Cynthia-Eagle-and-Crane.jpgSet in America after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Two Japanese have escaped an internment camp. The FBI agent investigating witnesses them falling from the sky in a biplane and seems to think there is more to the story, as one of the Japanese prisoners was once part of a barnstorming troupe. I enjoyed this story as we are taken back in time to the formation of the troupe through to the internment escape. The ending was a bit surprising (not in a good way) and let the story down a bit, but overall a good story.

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The jade lily by Kirsty Manning

cynthia-the-jade-lily-e1542597698228.jpgA great historical novel based on the resettlement of Jewish refugees to Shanghai during World War II. I was amazed at how the human spirit can still shine in the most horrendous of situations. The descriptions of life in Shanghai were rich, with food featuring. The modern part of the dual storyline had a few unbelievable coincidences, but I could forgive the author as they made the story flow. I enjoyed the story, particularly learning about this unknown (to me) part of history.

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Mockingbird songs by R.J. Ellory

Cynthia Mockingbird SongsA slow burning thriller with an undertone of menace throughout. A story of small town USA and broken families. Henry is released from prision and is asked to deliver a letter to his cell mate’s daughter. Through alternating chapters we follow Henry’s story of keeping his promise to deliver the letter and the story of Evan (his ex cell mate) and his brother Carson and what the contents of that letter may reveal. Loved this format of storytelling as the stories, secrets and carnage are exposed.

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Houdini’s flight by Angelo Loukakis

cynthia-houdinis-flight.jpgLife lessons from the master Houdini makes for an interestng read. Terry has lost his way and after meeting Hal is introduced to the life of Houdini, focusing on his time spent in Australia. The author’s fasciniation with Houdini is very evident. The premise of the story was good but the emotions of the characters were flat, making it just an OK read.

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