The sisters’ song by Louise Allan

cynthia-sisters-song.jpgA heartbreaking family story. One sister wants a family she can’t have and another has a family she doesn’t want. The story is set in mid 20th century Tasmania and gives a glimpse into life at that time and the life choices women made. An enjoyable, but at times sad, read.

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Thornwood House by Anna Romer

Cynthia Thornwood houseA good Australian historical / rural / romance / mystery story, all elements I love in a story. The story kept me interested throughout. I liked that the author presented the past through diary entries and letters – a different, but fitting way to tell the story.

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Houdini’s flight by Angelo Loukakis

cynthia-houdinis-flight.jpgLife lessons from the master Houdini makes for an interestng read. Terry has lost his way and after meeting Hal is introduced to the life of Houdini, focusing on his time spent in Australia. The author’s fasciniation with Houdini is very evident. The premise of the story was good but the emotions of the characters were flat, making it just an OK read.

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Radio girls by Sarah-Jane Stratford

Cynthia Radio GirlsHistorical novel based in the 20s and the beginning of the BBC. It is roughly based around the real life Hilda Maheson and made for an interesting story. Feminism, spies, Nazism, society’s expections, broadcasting are all covered. Unfortunately the style of writing did not work for me, which let the story down, but it was great subject matter.

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The lost flowers of Alice Hart by Holly Ringland

Cynthia Lost Flowers of Alice HartThis story was full of sadness and beauty. Australia’s landscape is told in beautiful detail which balances out the horor of abuse. Characters are either running from their story or embracing it. The language of native flowers are used to great effect, used in the introduction of each chapter, matching Alice’s story. It was easy to become involved in the story and Alice’s journey.

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Lillian Armfield : how Australia’s first female detective took on Tilly Devine and the Razor Gangs and changed the face of the force by Leigh Straw

Cynthia Lillian ArmfieldThis was an interesting look at the development of women’s policing in Australia, focusing on Lillian Armfield. Imagine being a police officer with no uniform or weapon and no power of arrest? The huge amount of research that went into this book is evident. It did fall down for me as it was a bit repetitive in places.

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