Spark joy by Marie Kondo

Wendy Spark JoyAfter living in the same house for nearly 30 years and in more recent years our home became an “empty nest” – the time has come for de-cluttering and thinking ahead for retirement and to be honest I don’t wish to leave a heap of “junk” for others to have to sort through when I die.

So where to begin with what appears to be a mammoth and overwhelming task?  Marie the author mentions at the very beginning, that there are six basic rules of tidying and also notes that the “process is not about de-cluttering (as I have mentioned above), or making it look neat for visitors.  Rather, you are about to tidy up in a way that will spark joy in your life and change it forever.”  Apparently once using the method described by this author, you will never again relapse into clutter.

Sounds great to me and interesting to note, is that number six of the basic rules explains the criterion for deciding what to keep and what to discard.  We are to only  keep  those things that bring joy, those items that are discarded we are to thank before saying goodbye.  When we let go of things in our life with a feeling of gratitude, we foster appreciation for, and a desire to take better care of, the things in our lives.

There is a correct order too for tidying – clothes first, then books, then papers, miscellaneous items, lastly sentimental items.

Interestingly, there is a chapter on tidying books – which may give a clue as to why sometimes it is difficult to “weed” our libraries.

I feel this book will be referred to on many occasions throughout my tidying process (not de-cluttering) … so it will be wise for me to purchase this title and return the copy I have borrowed from the Mobile Library.


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