What would Beyonce do?! by Luisa Omielan

what would beyJust finished the most hilarious audiobook, it was like being at a comedy show where the laughs (briefly interrupted by moments of tears) are non-stop for seven hours. I guess the paperback or ebook would be just as funny but not as enjoyable as hearing Luisa Omielan narrate it herself with such passion, conviction and enthusiasm, so much so I had to stop myself from yelling ‘go sister!’ time and time again with such passion, conviction and enthusiasm.

‘What would Beyoncé do?!’ is nothing to do with Beyoncé, but everything (and I mean, everything) to do with Luisa; her struggles in life, love and comedy. Although her world is a far cry from Beyoncé and mine — she is at times brash and cringeworthy—her openness and honesty, and her views on self love and feminism left me wanting to be her, or at least, be her best friend. (And if you ever have a break up, and I am your best friend, I will tell you to listen to this book, because there is a chapter about emailing an ex-boyfriend which is the funniest thing I ever heard. And that, too, had nothing to do with Beyoncé. Luisa switched it to what would Alannis do, and it was laugh-until-you-cry brilliance. Just don’t listen to it while you are grocery shopping. But then again, after a break up, would you bother grocery shopping?)

Anyway, like I said, it is not my world, but I was a fascinated observer of Luisa’s world, and now an avid fan of her comedy. An enjoyable way to spend seven hours. Go! Go and borrow it!

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