Girl runner by Carrie Snyder

Ali Girl runner“My name is Aganetha Smart and I am 104 years old. Do not imagine this is an advantage”

An aged Aganetha is confined to a wheelchair when two young siblings take her on a journey back to the family farm which stirs her memory. The reasons for this visit are revealed as Aggie’s story unfolds.

Aggie’s story is of a young girl raised in Ontario whose passion is running. She moves to the city at 16 and is brought into an athletic club through work which ultimately leads to her competing and winning gold in the 1928 Olympics – the first Olympics where women were allowed to compete in certain track and field events.

The aftermath and the sudden rise to fame also bring certain events to a head, which lead to an equally fast decline.

This book describes the struggles of women to reach their goals, not only in sport at that time and the sacrifices made on the way, plus the attitude of the general public to those who made those choices.

I was really engaged in this very moving story.

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