The happiness project by Gretchen Craft Ruben

caitlin-happiness-projectBook lovers – is there anything much more exciting when planning your holiday than deciding what to take to read?
The beginning of a new year brings a mental refresh of your life, a chance to examine the way you are living and the impetus to change it if desired.
Gretchen Rubin’s memoir The Happiness Project provides a thoughtful template for examining your life and inspiration for ways to change it, should you wish.
Rubin is the first to admit she has little to be unhappy about, as such, this book is not directed at overcoming adversity, rather it is about small changes, actions or resolutions you can make and setting yourself a plan to make it happen.
Written in 2009, The Happiness Project has been around for awhile. It was #1 on the New York Times bestseller list, but only recently I borrowed it from the library thinking it might be a good holiday read after listening to Rubin’s podcast she creates with her sister on the same topic- Happiness.
I enjoyed the book’s prose, found Rubin an earnest and entertaining narrator and am compelled by the argument she makes for striving to make life happier.
One of the nice things about this book is how well researched it is. Peppered with inspirational quotes, intriguing ideas and thoughts on spiritual masters, if you haven’t got around to making your New Years resolutions yet, but are planning on making 2017 ‘better than before’, put this on your reading list.

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