‘Room’ – a film directed by Lenny Abrahamson and written by Emma Donoghue based on her novel of the same name had me glued to my TV screen from the opening scene!

Room is home to Jack (played by Jacob Tremblay) who has just turned 5 years old. He is a typical curious, wide-eyed, innocent little boy who doesn’t believe that there is any other world outside of the 4 walls of this small room where he was born.

Room is a prison to his Ma where she has been held hostage for the past 7 years, having been abducted and exploited by ‘Old Nick’. It is where she nurtures and protects her son, no matter the cost.

It is a tale of a mother’s enduring love for her son born from this horrific time in her young life but ironically giving her the very reason to survive it.

Brie Larson won a 2016 Academy Award for Best Actress in a Lead Role for this film and I am not surprised – her portrayal of a fiercely devoted Ma was breathtaking.

I am now itching to read the book!

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