Shadow of death by Jennifer Lewis

nyree-shadow-of-deathI found this book a delightfully light and entertaining read. Whilst there is a sinister element to the plot by way of a murder, it was not cluttered with characters or suspects. The small Australian town and community feel was terrific and I found myself going back to my own childhood and identifying that this town could have been the one I grew up or in the surrounding area. The most interesting aspect of the book to me was the murder victim and his personality. You could identify this personality with almost any town you live in. I am sure we have all met one or two similar characters.

I loved the fact that the book was written by a home-grown author from the town of Howlong and I only hope she will consider a sequel. If you are looking for a light read, a quirky yet entertaining story then this is a great lightweight book. It is small and light in weight to handle and is good for people to sit in bed and read without it becoming too heavy on the hands.

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