Extending your use-by date by Darryl Dymock

wendyAre you facing the decision as to whether and when to retire from paid employment?  If so, this book is a must for all people contemplating retirement.

We read and hear so much about the financial aspects of retirement, but very little on the social and personal well being aspects.  This book, “Extending Your Use-By Date” by Dr Darryl Dymock, took me on the journey as to why retirement age is only a number! The author covers many topics, which all need to be taken into consideration as to “when” to retire – Including “you shouldn’t simply retire from something – you should have something to retire to”.

Some of the many topics covered in this book include, health, the ageing process, looking into part time employment, downshifting and also voluntary work.

I thoroughly recommend this title as Dr Darryl Dymock examines “why continuing to work later in life can be good for your health and your hip pocket”

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