The deep by Nick Cutter

The Deep - Cindy

I have a soft spot for chaotic and far-fetched end of the world horror stories so I dived head first into the Deep with much enthusiasm and free of any real expectation.

I hit the first page and straight up a mysterious condition known as the Gets’ has sent the world’s population on a downhill slide into dementia and death. I am hooked.  Our only hope for survival is a questionable and equally mysterious substance called Ambrosia which, as luck would have it, lives eight miles down on the ocean floor, which is really, really deep, squish you into oblivion deep in fact.  Our main man who has a tragic past and is not really the hero type does his best to keep it together but it is his female counterpart, a wrench totin’, unphasable GI Jane deep sea diver pilot, who is really doing the hard lifting. A brilliant narcissistic scientist, ‘test’ subjects including bees, lizards and a hard done by Labrador, that I desperately wanted to save, dragged me down into the deep with them.  Add a terrifying feeling of dread when the power goes out eight miles under the sea and I am having panic attacks in the safety of my own lounge chair.  A definite must read for lovers of this genre – the rest of you, well I am guessing there is a movie in this book so the Deep will eventually get to you…

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