Flight by Nadia Wheatley

DONE Flight by Nadia Wheatley and Armin Greder

Nominee for 2016 Children’s Book Council Picture Book of the Year Award during Book Week – This is a powerfully dark, thought provoking, heart wrenching picture book. I feel that this story (truth?) draws on the flight of Mary and Joseph to show that the horrors of war and the urge of the innocent to survive has not changed. Look into the eyes of mother and child at the end of this book… your heart will hurt so much! The skill of author, Nadia Wheatley, and illustrator, Armin Greder, will make you feel that they were caught in this horror with this lonely little family. There is so much to draw from this book… our childrens’ responses will possibly make us cry. Suitable for children 8yrs+ but adults must definitely read this first.

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