The pause by John Larkin

DONE The pause by John LarkinIf you like books by John Green this book should be on your list to read next! Nominated for the 2016 Children’s Book Council’s Older Readers Book of the Year Award.

‘It was easier to call it quits.’ This is a powerful statement about teen suicide and John Larkin explores the world we may leave behind if we can but manage to pause. John Larkin’s technique is unique, skilfully merging two possible realities for a potent effect. We are shown the many wonderful opportunities in life that Declan will miss if he succeeds in his attempt to end his life, then the author cleverly twists our perceptions as if Declan’s moment of mental anguish did not allow even the tiniest pause. Declan’s journey takes time, the realisation of what life could be is foggy but eight years on he thanks the pause. This book strongly entreats any people contemplating suicide to pause, to try to look at the happiness they will miss and let others into their life to help. Students might like to consider this book for their HSC AOS –Discovery. You can find more suggestions in our catalogue.

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