One step at a time by Jane Jolly and Sally Heinrich

DONE One step at a time by Jane Jolly and Sally HeinrichLittle Mali is baby elephant growing up with her human friend Luk in Asia’s rainforests, a land where unexploded landmines are claiming many human and animal lives. See how humans help Mali get back up onto her feet again to look for sweet bananas again. This book measures 26x31cms giving visual power to the amazing illustrations by Sally Heinrich. Sally’s work has been done using lino prints and coloured using watercolour inks. The embellishments on each page are inspired by Buddhist design and tell even more of the story; a story of danger, survival and a child’s love. Parents and teachers will enjoy reading this book to their children, discovering together the many concepts in this story cleverly woven by both author and illustrator. A worthy contender for the Children’s Book Councils’ 2016 Book Week Picture Book of the Year Award, I highly recommend this book.

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