A walk in the woods by Bill Bryson

A Walk in the Woods - KarenA Walk in the Woods is the journey of two old high school friends who reunite to challenge themselves to hike the legendary Appalachian Trail.

Based on the acclaimed bestseller by travel writer, Bill Bryson, the movie follows Bryson (Robert Redford) and Katz (Nick Nolte) as they set off into the wilderness and encounter one misfortune after another.

Just like the book, the movie made me laugh out loud – attributed mostly to Nick Nolte’s comedic performance of Katz, a dishevelled, wise-cracking, recovering alcoholic, who brings friendship-testing levels of pessimism and calamity on the trek.

A little slow to start, the movie rounded off well and was fairly faithful to the storyline of the book. A must-see for Bill Bryson fans, and anyone who enjoys a good (mis)adventure story.

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