The minnow by Diana Sweeney

The minnow by Diana SweeneyI cannot find any bad reviews of this book, it appears to be lauded by all, receiving awards and acclamation on every site, but, I’m sorry, I hated this book. Too much metaphorical analysing for me to enjoy any storyline – which I struggled to find. Shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council’s Book of the Year 2015 for Older Readers I was annoyed that I had to pull it out again and think up something for a review. There are possibly good points but I couldn’t get past the lack of focus on the abuse which is piled atop tragedy – especially how there are no consequences for a grown man who gets a young traumatised girl pregnant. How come the authorities, who appeared to visit her regularly and knew her circumstances, turn a blind eye to the fact that she was alone and had been taken advantage of? She comes across as very simple. Why? I don’t know. If anything positive comes from this book it is how the author managed to get a reaction from me – I felt frustrated and annoyed by the obvious alternatives and even solutions which never came into the mix. And wait ‘til you find out the about the minnow!

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