Cinder by Marissa Meyer

The Lunar Chronicles - Cinder by Marissa MeyerThe familiarity of a fairy tale with a sci-fi twist.

Introducing Cinder. A teen who has no memories of life before her third year yet she carries with her the evidence of traumatic injuries… cyborg limbs! With no known living relatives, Cinder is the property of her stepmother and works skilfully at mechanical repairs trying to meet the living expenses of her stepmother and two stepsisters. Her little stepsister is her only joy, but, while Cinder seems to be immune, Peony succumbs to the mysterious illness sweeping across the country. Can Cinder save Peony from inevitable death? Will we discover the truth about Cinder’s past? I can’t say too much or I you will have the answers to every clue answered and that ruins a good read. There are so many themes represented within its pages – political intrigue, racism, romance, death, friendship, survival, deception and vanity – but I did not feel enough emotion, positive or negative, that would have given the story some bite. I did not feel Cinder’s hate for her enemy, I did not feel Cinder’s love for her sister, nor did I feel any exciting shivers as romance blossomed between Cinder and Prince Kai. This book is a fast read, maybe because these elements were muted or even edited out to reduce the size of the book. There were so many opportunities to create heart wrenching agony and soaring happiness, but, even despite this,  I still look forward to reading the next in the series… explain that!

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