The sleepwalker tonic by Jason Segel + Kirsten Miller

Nightmares! by Jason Seger and Kirsten MillerI’m hooked! In this second instalment of the Nightmares! series things are once again getting freaky in Cypress Creek and a group of kids must face their fears to save their town. As soon as our hero, Charlie Laird, finds out that his stepmother’s customers have been getting a herbal remedy to prevent nightmares from another town called Orville Falls, Charlie’s fears for the Netherworld grow.

Filled with monsters like zombies (or are they sleepwalkers?), gorgons, harpies, goblins, crazy clowns, scary bunnies and changelings, there are lessons to be learned about facing fears and uncovering the real enemy… who may be your own brother.

Well known actor, Jason Segel, has teamed with Kirsten Miller to create a story that flows so smoothly you won’t realise how fast you are reading the book. Accompanied by Karl Kwasny’s black and white illustrations to help our imaginations, The Sleepwalker tonic is an enjoyable and easy read highly recommended for kids 8+yrs.

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