My sister lives on the mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher

My sister lives on the mantelpiece by Annabel PitcherThis book begins with “My sister Rose lives on the mantelpiece. Well, some of her does… Mum and Dad had a big argument when the police found ten bits of her body… They each got five bits.” This sounds so irreverent but what is worse… I laughed; having finished the book now I wish I could take back that laugh! Jamie was five when it happens and he just relates the facts but feels nothing for the loss of his sister Rose. Annabel Pitcher, in this debut novel has proven to me that she is an author to watch. Emotions high and low and, I, who avoids tearjerkers, was brought to tears by the event which rips 10 year old Jamie apart and helps him to relate to the pain of parents losing a child. Go and find this book in the youth collection of your library. NOW! I’m off to read Annabel’s tips for writing If you are considering writing your own book visit to help you on your journey.

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