Mothers Grimm

Mothers Grimm by Danielle WoodDuped by a book blurb once again! If you were originally looking for a macabre modern fairytale to suit your reader’s palette you will be disappointed. The connections to fairytales are in the title, the author’s inspiration and the reader’s knowledge of the Grimm brother’s tales. Albeit not to my taste, the book is a must read. I much prefer fantasy fiction to the realities penned in contemporary fiction so this book tore me apart…. which is the sign of a good author!Danielle helped me to empathise as each mother judged herself to be an ‘evil’ mother; hence the association to Grimm’s fairytales. Danielle has written a teaser prologue and four short stories all about the guilt of mothers as they mentally struggle to find parental bliss. Why don’t they feel the contentment portrayed by advertisement mums? Why aren’t they as organised and in control of their broods as other mums are? I tried so hard, why does my baby hate me? I make a promise to myself to put this Australian author onto my great reads list.

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