How to save the universe in 10 easy steps

How to save the universe in 10 easy steps by Allison RushbyWhat would you do if you found out your sister and your dog are aliens? Probably think you were on a TV show and look for the cameras! While planning a gross-out tenth birthday party Cooper finds out that he is destined to save the universe but he hasn’t a clue how. To protect him from intergalactic bounty hunters his twin sister, Molly the alien, has created an alternate world called Peregrination, created to look like Earth except it has green dirt instead of grass and too many moons, not to mention the boring-est food ever. All this talk about intergalactic war games that threaten the planet is really freaking Cooper out. He hasn’t a clue how or when he is supposed to save the universe but his brain is ticking away the minutes and seconds. I panicked right to the end of this book! A great book for 8+ years. It’s a strange and funny story that will interest fans of authors like Neil Gaiman and Eoin Colfer.

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