In the skin of a monster

In the skin of a monster by Kathryn Barker.jpg

‘You don’t discover what kind of person you are, you decide it.’ But when you wear the face of a murderer other people decide for you. Three years ago Alice’s identical twin sister took a gun to a country high school in Australia and killed seven students. Since then Alice has had to deal with the fact that every time someone looks at her they ‘see’ a murderer; and they might not be wrong!

The author’s technique is unique, skilfully merging both the real and the surreal to powerful effect. The book transitions between reality and dream with alternating perspectives from Alice and Lux who is trapped in the dreamscape. This style can be a little confusing and is a book that needs to be read with little rest between chapters so you can keep up the momentum of Alice’s journey.

I found the author’s closing chapter the most enlightening especially for people suffering grief and survivor’s guilt. This is author Kathryn Barker’s first novel and I look forward to more.


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