Heaven by Christoph MarziA creature of many names – ‘Mr Heep’, ‘Mr Scrooge’, ‘Mr Drood’ – he has a job to do. Slice the heart from a living soul and receive payment from a mysterious ‘client’. Once every 5-7 years this is his job, to resurrect a fresh body to help him in his assignment and find a healthy heart, no questions asked. Until the night he slices out the heart of Heaven and she gets up and runs away. This story revolves around the secret of Heaven, the gap in the stars over London and the decision she must make if her love for David is to grow. Don’t be afraid to pick up this book, you will find yourself with clear imagery of gruesome murder and graveyard robbing but this is secondary to Heaven and David’s flight across the dark rooftops of London. Found in the youth collection of your library.

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