Finding Serendipity

Finding Serendipity by Angelica BanksI knew I recognised this writer’s style even though I have never read a book by Angela Banks. Here is why… this is the first book by friends Heather Rose and Danielle Wood and Danielle wrote Mothers Grimm which I enjoyed due to the writer’s skill. Interesting fact – Heather and Rose chose the pseudonym, Angelica Banks, so their Tuesday McGillycuddy Adventure series for kids will be shelved at the beginning of the alphabet in book shops and libraries where people will see them. Their own books are shelved at the end of the alphabet… at knee height. If you are an aspiring writer you will relate to this book as Tuesday looks for her missing mother, the famous author Serendipity Smith. Tuesday is whisked away by words of silver thread to a world created by all the authors of the world. Nothing annoys the Librarian in this story more than an unfinished story so Tuesday needs to complete her own adventure before she leaves, but only we know that Serendipity is Tuesday’s mother, and this creates huge challenges as Tuesday’s story twists and turns within the unfinished story by her mother.  Does she have the imagination to continue and will she escape the tricky spots she has created for herself?

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