Go set a watchman

Amy Go Set a WatchmanA book with so much hype, and attached to such a beloved classic is hard to read for itself. I enjoyed knowing Scout as an adult, the glimpses into her childhood were lovely and I can totally understand why publishers felt that Harper Lee had a story to tell, but that this wasn’t quite it. There isn’t a court case or a set of events to follow, just the internal ramblings of a woman growing up and seeing how things aren’t as she thought they were. 

I found her ramblings hard to follow at times, moving too quickly, the whole rather unpolished. It was a complex time and place to grow up, and this book reflects the murky greys of the issues, rather than the shiny rightness upheld in To a Kill a Mockingbird.
I suppose I found it more interesting than really good. I liked Jean Louise’s interactions with Hank, her aunt and townsfolk more than her internal struggles, and those struggles are the crux of the book. I’m glad I have read it, I probably won’t read it again.

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