A single stone

A single stone by Meg McKinlay

This book begins with Jena easing her body between rocks. It is dark in the mountain and she battles claustrophobia and panic as she leads her team in the search for mica, a vital heat source for the village’s brutal winters. Girls like Jena are The Chosen. These smallest girls are selected from birth by The Mothers. To ensure the survival of their village, these girls lie for years bound in cloth to stunt their growth and Jena soon discovers a more sinister method being used by The Mothers to ensure small children. Author, Meg McKinlay, has created a powerful novel that poses big questions about gender and power. An easy read for children from 8 years old. The ending will unleash powerful feelings especially for adult readers… A MUST READ!

Shorlisted 2016 CBC Book of the Year : Older Readers

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