The midnight dress

The midnight dress by Karen Foxlee

A lovely story about a daughter going through the motions of her daily life as her father drags their mobile home from town to town. Rose has very little inspiration to enjoy life knowing her father’s drunken nomadic routine until they settle in Paradise, a far north Queensland sugarcane town, where all the girls are excitedly preparing for the annual Harvest Parade. Told in a series of stories within stories, it circles around the mysterious disappearance of a girl. Karen’s writing is faultless, the setting is superbly created and the characters are vibrant. A story full of pathos which had me a watching Rose’s character growing in personal maturity and feeling Rose’s yearning for fulfilment but, to put it simply… I was bored! Fantasy is one of my favourite genres and this book promised magic but did not deliver so the reviews I have read had led me astray. I think the only reason I continued reading was each referral to the final tragedy, a hook that kept dragging me back to the events leading up to it. This is one of RRL’s Book Club selections and will certainly open up a lot of discussion.

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