100 society

100 society by Carla Spradbery

Boarding school student, Grace Becker, is obsessed with besting her brother. She has resurrected the 100 Society in an attempt to complete the graffiti tagging of one hundred locations around the city. The tension mounts as each location becomes more difficult to access and the threat of expulsion seems more likely. Then Grace’s group faces the torment of THE REAPER. Intent on exposing their illegal game, making anonymous threats and getting as close to them as tagging their dormitory doors, The Reaper tears apart a loyal group of friends as suspicion grows amongst them. I changed my mind about the identity of the murderer several times as author Carla Spradbery quite cleverly misdirected me. This book is a quick read and has a twist at the end I did not see coming. Teens who aren’t sure about venturing into thrillers might like to try this book to test their courage. If you like this book you might like to try Kiss Kill Vanish by Jessica Martinez.

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